Towards the industrialization of XML processing

Last updated Saturday, January 12, 2002

Development Plan and Roadmap

Current Version 0.6

Release History:

Version 0.6 - 3 Feb 2002

XPipe Schema, DTD and documentation
Sample XPipes for discussion and review
Simple Uniprocessor XPipe Executive

Version 0.4 - 14 January 2002

Fixes to XComponent Schema, Documentation and Object Model
Updated XComponent samples
XComponent Installer
XComponent Executor
XComponent Creator
XComponent Unit Tester

Version 0.2 - 4 January 2002

Pyxie2 XML Processing Library
XComponent Schema and documentation
Sample XComponents for discussion
XComponent object model for Jython
Simple XComponent HTML "datasheet" generator
Simple XComponent catalog generator

Planned Future Releases

Version 0.8 -  18 Feb 2002 - Pending

Fixes based on feedback - especially XPipe model and Uniprocessor XPipe Executive
Integration of component scheduling framework
A Significant number of XComponents to do useful things
More Sample XPipes
GUIs for XComponent and XPipe Editing

Version 0.9 - 1 March 2002 - Pending

XRig Schema, DTD and Documentation
Sample XRigs for duscussion and review
Simple Uniprocessor XRig Executive

Version 1.0 -  17 March 2002 (Paddys Day) - Pending

Monitoring and Analysis Tools
Lots of documentation, howtos, tutorials etc.

Version 1.X - Pending

XGrid / XJCL / P2P