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Towards the industrialization of XML processing


Current version 0.6 - 3 Feb 2002.

Newsflash: Slides from XPipe presentation at XML SIG NY, Feb 2002, available here  (MS Powerpoint Format)

XPipe News

Feb 3, 2001

Version 0.6 released - get through Sourceforge or click (here for zip), here for tar.gz
XPipe Schema (RelaxNG and DTD)
XPipe Object Model (Jython)
XPipe Catalog and Datasheet Creators
XPipe Installer
A Simple XPipe Executive
XPipe Unit Tester
Significant re-org of CVS tree to conform to Java package/coding standards and to set up Ant based build system.
XComponent DTD to supplement XComponent RelaxNG Grammar
XComponent Java Object Model
XComponent NetBeans Editor (partial)
XSLT based XComponent for generating HTML documentation from an arbitrary XComponent (xc4.xco)

January 12, 2001

Version 0.4 released
Changes to XComponent model and associated modules based on feedback - see XComponent documentation
XComponent creation tool - CreateXComponent.py added.
XComponent Installer
XComponent Executer
XComponent Unit Tester

Sample XComponents:
XC1.xco - Null Transformation implemented in Java
XC2.xco - Null Transformation implemented in XSLT
XC3.xco - Null Transformation implemented in Jython
XPipe Developer Resources Page Added
Start of Pyxie2 Tutorial

January 07, 2001Version 0.2 software released on CVS. XPipe development plan updated
December 27, 2001

http://xpipe.sourceforge.net site set up with some documentation, DTDs

Mailing list for XPipe development established

December 13 2001 XPipe presentation at XML USA 2001, Orlando, Florida

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