Towards the industrialization of XML processing

Last updated Sunday, December 09, 2001

What is XPipe


XPipe is an approach to manageable, scaleable, robust XML processing based on the assembly line principle, common in many areas of manufacturing.

XPipe is a philosophy and a set of open-source software that implements in philosophy. The idea is that XPipe become the reference implementation of the architecture and also serve as a focal point for XPipe experimentation and discussion.

The XPipe project was instigated by (and is sponsored by) Propylon to promote the assembly line approach to XML processing in the industry.

Propylon's engineering team, lead by XML/SGML "lifer", Sean McGrath have been using this approach very sucessfully for many years and feel it is time it was more widely known and nurtured. (Waaay back in 1995, Propylon (or Digitome as it was known then) where developing solutions based on the pipeline approach, known as IDM. The IDM approach of "transformation decomposition" was the subject of a paper given at SGML '95 called "SGML Transformation: The IDM approach"

Propylon have a consulting/services team that build XML processing solutions for clients. Propylon are developing a suite of commercial offerings based on the assembly line approach to XML processing. The PropelX line of products will bring the XPipe approach to leading commercial app server/portal server, integration server and transformation server platforms.

For more information about XPipe see the FAQ

For information about the PropelX line of commercial offerings, contact Propylon.