Towards the industrialization of XML processing

Last updated Sunday, December 09, 2001



See XComponent


The conversion of a stream of data from one form into another. In XPipe, the streams are typically XML and transformations take the form of XML to XML transformations.


An XML file that encapsulates the code, test suite, keywords and parameter requirements of a transformation implemented in some XTL (XML Transformation Language)


The overall name given to this open source project.

The overall name coined to describe this assembly line/component based approach to XML processing.

An XML file that describes an assemblyline of one or more transformations. The transformations are themselves XML files (XComponents). XPipes refer  to XComponents by their globally unique names. Streams of data flow from the start of the assembly line to the end under the control on an XPipe Executive.

A water and sewage network management system from Finnish company Tekla. (Unrelated)

A freeware game for OpenVMS (Unrelated)

An exhaust sytstem for Mustangs, Corvettes and the like http://www.motorsporttech.com/ls1c5/exhaust.html


An XML file that describes a collection of one or more XPipes.

An XRig describe how the input and output tanks of individual XPipes are chained together.


XRig Executive

An execution environment for XRigs. An XRig executive reads an XRig XML file, instantiate the necessary XPipe(s) and orchestrates the passage of XML files from the input tank(s) of the rig to the output tank(s) of the rig.

XRig executives range from uni-processor. uni-thread implementations through to P2P based massively parallel.

A Peer to Peer protocol XJCL is provided to allow distributed XPipe executives to communicate. i.e .Job allocator <-> Job executor.

The XJCL protocol is an XML based message dialog that uses HTTP as a transport.



XML Job Control Language. An XML/HTTP based protocol for distributing the work involved in executing an XPipe between XPipe Job Schedulers and XPipe Job Executors.



XML Transformation Language. The XPipe project will provide a taxonomy of XTLs with guaranteed unique, semantic identifiers.


XNode A processor providing computational resources to an XRig Executive via the XJCL protocol.