Towards the industrialization of XML processing

Last updated Sunday, December 09, 2001


Desirables - in no particular order. Volunteers, please step forward.

Based on the contents of Version 0.6 of XPipe, here are some things that we need to work on

  1. A native Java object model for XPipes
  2. A Java/Swing based XComponent/XPipe Editors  - either standalone or integrated with IDEe
  3. Production of XPipe instances via XMI from transition diagrams in UML tools
  4. A wxPython based XComponent Editor, converted into an EXE for use on Win32 platforms
  5. Pyxie2 tutorial material and sample applications
  6. Lots of sample XComponents
  7. Help identifying SCADA tools suitable for building XPipe execution monitors (XMonitors).
  8. Help establishing a taxonomy/keywording/preferred terms, semantic relations system for XComponent search/retrieval
  9. Help producing beautiful renderings of XComponent "datasheets" to HTML, PDF etc.
  10. A Zope "product" for editing/managing/cataloging XComponents in the Zope CMS.