Towards the industrialization of XML processing

Last updated Thursday, December 27, 2001


Thanks go to the following people/companies/aggregates who have contributed, knowingly or otherwise , to XPipe

David Starr, Derek Higgins, David Shalamberidze for source code contributions

Propylon for donating hardware, software and wetware to XPipe

John Cowan, Walter Perry - for neuron firing conversations

Michael Champion, Simon St. laurent - fellow espousers of a layered approach to complexity management

Neville Bagnall, Noel Duffy - co-conspirators in IDM all those years ago

Conor O'Reilly - Pragmatist in Residence.

Jonathan Hayes - <Biochemist/>

Derek Higgins - Chief CVS wiz and contributor to XPipe

Guido van Rossum for Python

James Clark, MURATA Makoto et al. for RelaxNG.

xml-dev for, well, lots of reasons.